Lighter Side

A small joke to kick-start Saturday morning.... it's funny what you remember, out of the blue.

This joke sticks with me, because I heard it one Saturday morning, from my youngest brother - when he was still only four or five. He wasn't long out of bed, still in flannelette pyjamas, with his hair looking as if he'd just been pulled through a gorse bush backwards! He was old enough to appreciate that a joke got a positive reaction (we may not be funny, but everyone in our family thinks they have a sense of humour!), but I'm pretty sure he didn't realise exactly why we all laughed. Unless I should now be thinking of him as an eighteen year-old comedic genius(!)...

Anyhoo, here's that joke - it always makes me chuckle...

Q: "Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?"

A: "no guts!"


Have to love a joke where no-one gets hurt - or offended! Have a very fun weekend, wherever you are!!