New Year in July!

If you're in Melbourne, check out the 'Fireworks-in-July' Finale @ Docklands, this Friday July 29th!

Entertainment starts at 6:30pm, and the fireworks start at 7pm sharp!

This short video clip is from last Friday, when we took my youngest brother down for a look on his second night in town. It was taken with my camera, sans tripod, so it's a tad shaky, and not perfect - but, hopefully you get the idea!

In 'real life' the display was awesome! The sight and reflections over the water are spectacular, the music really well choreographed, and ten minutes of sound and coloured sky is well worth a trip. This night's theme was 'jazzed up', and we sang along to "All That Jazz" to finish. Just excellent!

My tip though, rug up warm with a scarf, hat and gloves - it can be a bit nippy, mid-winter near the water!

I'm really happy that we had such a great start to our holiday with my bro, on his first 'international' holiday. It was a great introduction to Melbourne for him, and the crowd of hundreds of other friends and families that came down and shared the experience. Everyone came away with big smiles - even the teenagers!

Thanks to the City of Melbourne for another great, free event - we loved feeling like kids again for a long ten minutes!

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