Any day now...

I just know that the good people from Libra are going to contact me to work with them on editing and proof-reading their "Odd Spot"... ah, spots!

I know that it's the weekend, but hands up who can spot the two small errors in the item above? C'mon, I'll time you!

One is pretty simple, and stands out like a sore thumb. The other? Well, if you need a hint - I'd be careful where you're sneezing, if you believe this little piece of trivia, people. It could be messy, and dangerous(!).

I know that the Libra folks won't mind me noticing the problem, either. How? Well, funnily enough (is it just me?), this was the piece directly above the sneezing trivia...


Who doesn't just love language, and circumstance? Double threat!

Repeat after me, "I see poor English..." *hehehe* Love it!