Yes, M.A.M!

It's Friday, so why not time to kick back and watch a little slideshow?

It's relaxing, like watching goldfish... with music!

This is a moving pictures showcase of Visual Prose Moveable Art Magnets (M.A.M's for short!). As you can see, they come with either a white or black border options, on a fun display card, and are an absolute steal at just $AUD5 each!! (Postage & handling a little extra).

They are the ultimate thin, lightweight, post-friendly gift - which is why we can send them anywhere around the world. Go on, try it!

Any image that you see in the image galleries is able to be purchased as a M.A.M (Moveable Art Magnet, in case you missed it!), even if you don't see it as part of the slideshow.

And yes, you can view the slideshow in a slightly bigger format on youtube here. Ahhh, pretty!

Feel free to comment, or email me directly for orders or more information.

Ultimately, sit back, relax, and have an excellent weekend, wherever you are in the world!

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