Perfect Match

On this grey, chill winter's Friday, a little suggestion for a weekend culinary adventure - grape schiacciata. It's rustic, it's comfort food, and it's not that hard.

Maggie Beer and the LOML teamed up in our kitchen to produce this one, and it was completely scrumptious. True, Maggie was only here in spirit in the form of a recipe (you can't have everything!), but it was a match made in epicurean heaven. We didn't have the right size pan, the right kind of grapes, or even quite as many as the recipe recommended, but we winged it, and it was still scrumptious.

Turns out that when you put the gorgeous Maggie Beer and the delectable LOML in the kitchen you get something close to perfection - at least when you're aiming for bread. :)

Now, if only we could remember where we put the recipe, so we could do it again! 

Here's to a very warm and comforting weekend to you and yours, wherever and however you'll be spending it. If you have time between Olympic events, you might even like to try making a grape schiacciata. It may actually be easier to make than pronounce. An excellent accompaniment to a good glass of red, or anything suitable convivial!